Monday, February 15, 2010


Once we've known each other~

Once I've look into your eyes~

I know you're the one~

Once I made a mistake~

Once I'm too blind to see that you're the person I've been looking for~

Once I left you~

Once I made a mistake by leaving you~

Once I regretted I've made the mistake~

I wish I can repair the damage I made~

I wish I can turn back the time~

Now I want you to know~

That I regretted for what I've done before~

Now I tried to win your heart back~

Now I'm not blind anymore~

Now I know that you're the one and only~

Now I beg for 1 chance~

For me to prove I can deliver the happiness~

Cure the loneliness~

Cure your heart~

Have your heart beating as mine~

You're my only now~

There is no one~

I know when I looked back into your eyes~

I feel the same feeling I felt before~

I know I'm not perfect~

I know I'm not as good as the others~

But...I just want a chance~

For you to acknowledge me~

For you to look into my eyes~

For you to hear what my heart scream~

For you to be my mate~

Even I have to experience all the pain~

Even I have to endure all the obstacle~

I wish for you to be mine~


P/s - I love you

Si Aer

++ Copyright ++