Monday, March 29, 2010



Are you playing with the word patient?

Since I've known you, No single of patient you showed me

If you desire did not met, all you do is be mad to that person

You want people to do everything to you

You want people to follow what ever you want

You want people to give you attention

You want to control over people

In return what do give to them?

You played with people's heart

You scold them, hit them

You accuse people for what they did not do

Is that patient mean to you?

You always want to win, want you the only want to be right

Ohh, I've patient long enough

Fyi, all the problems now are because of you

You are the problem

Think about it before you spouting your fucking feelings

Dont go out there asking for sympathy, like you are the fucking victim

Think deeper, think why people behave like that toward you

Think why, dont act like stupid girl who know abit and go emo

Think before its too late....

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